CorelleLivingware 18-Piece Glass Dinnerware Set Review

CorelleLivingware 18-Piece Glass Dinnerware Set Reviews

Shopping for dinnerware is not an easy task to do, especially since there are a lot of options to choose from. Having hundreds of different products to pick your dinnerware sets from can actually be a good thing, considering that there’s a dinnerware style for every occasion and for every customer. But how exactly does one choose among dinnerware that has virtually the same white color and plain style?

Plain and simple dinnerware design is quite common. In fact, every household probably has at least one set of plain dinnerware.

But aside from this, there are other stylish and playful designs for plates and other dinnerware that helps accentuate the entire dinner table setting. It may seem like a very expensive piece of china but some products aren’t as pricey as you thought they’d be.

In fact, there are good quality dinnerware sets that you can purchase for less than 50 bucks. Besides, it’s really not about the price but the quality of the dinnerware that you are investing your money on.

While plain and simple dinnerware designs are common, some chinaware is adorned with delicate artistic accentuations that make it really standout from the crowd.

These types of chinaware are usually very expensive that they end up being decorative pieces at home because you wouldn’t want to use and risk breaking them.

Fortunately, there are cheaper versions that may not be as well-processed but are still quite impressive in terms of quality – especially considering their affordable price.

One of these dinnerware products is the CorelleLivingware Glass Dinnerware Set. It’s quite affordable but it doesn’t compromise on the quality of each of the 18 pieces of dinnerware that’s included in the package.

CorelleLivingware 18-Piece Glass Dinnerware Set Key Features

Corelle is a popular name and a lot of housewives are very familiar with it. It is a reliable brand for dinnerware and other kitchenware. Aside from its reasonably-priced sets of plates, mugs, bowls, and more, it also guarantees that the quality of each component of the set is not compromised.

  • 18-piece set that includes dinner plates, bread and butter plates, and bowls
  • Space efficient dinnerware with great stack ability
  • Durable set with impressive break and chip resistance
  • Long lasting patterns
  • Safe for Dishwasher and Microwave use
  • Lightweight dinnerware


The CorelleLivingware Glass Dinnerware Set is one of the best proofs of the quality of dinnerware that Corelle produces. This dinnerware set contains 18 pieces of dinner plates, bowls, and butter plates that are good for serving 6 people. Each piece of dinnerware included in this set is well-tempered that it is very resistant to breaking and chipping.

It has the same translucent properties fine china but it is way stronger. It’s also thin and lightweight, making it very easy for you to stack them efficiently in the cupboard.

The glass has a core center layer which is sandwiched by a laminated top and bottom layer, giving it a non-porous surface. The same property guarantees that the pieces of dinnerware are very easy to clean and are safe to use in an oven with up to 350 degrees of heat.

Its simple and elegant design is perfect for any occasion. And it’s also very easy to pair with utensils and other pieces of kitchenware that complete the dinner table.


A lot of people are very impressed with the quality of construction of the Corelle dinnerware set. However, not every plate or piece of the set is flawlessly made. There are some pieces that have tiny cracks, while some are also rough to the touch. It may be fine with patterned dinnerware, but this particular set is white and plain so tiny stains or flaws are very noticeable.


Contrary to what you think, you don’t have to spend a lot of money just to afford a fine set of chinaware.

There are a lot of products in the market that offer the quality that you are looking for in dinnerware set for a price that is absolutely friendly to your budget. The Livingware Glass Dinnerware Set by Corelle is one of the best examples that you can find.

Aside from being very affordable, the properties of this set of dinnerware are something that you won’t expect to find in a set that is available for less than 50 bucks.


If you are looking at dinnerware set that has great quality for less than 50 bucks, you’ve probably noticed these two popular products: CorelleLivingware and Gibson Home Zen Buffetware.

These two are included in the list of best sellers because of its quality and affordable price. That also means that these products are being put in comparison all the time.

The Zen Buffetware has a unique square with rounded edges design for the plates. But for those who are looking for a dinnerware with conventional round design, the CorelleLivingware is a better option.

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