Gibson Home 16 Piece Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set Review

Gibson Home 16 Piece Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware is an essential component of the kitchen and, of course, the dining room. Your everyday home dining experience is just not the same without good quality dishes to use.

It is such an important part of the household that most housewives take a lot of time and resources in finding the best set of dinnerware available in the market.

When you talk of the ‘best dinnerware set’ it doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive ones. There are a lot of factors that make a dinnerware set ideal for your very own household. Of course, it’s a given that expensive and popular brands of dinnerware are made through delicate processes which guarantee the quality and durability of the products.

However, there are other products in the market that exhibit great quality and features for a price that is very friendly to your budget. The trick is finding these products out of the hundreds that are available in the market today.

The style is one of the very first things that you would consider when buying a set of dinnerware. You have to consider if the design of the dinnerware that you are buying will complement your dinner table and the interior of your dining room.

Some people are concerned about using dinnerware sets that are appropriate for the occasion that they are going to use it for. They have dinnerware for casual dinner or lunch parties and they have different sets for more intimate and formal occasions.

The most common type of dinnerware is the plain and simple white or off-white style which is practically the generic design for dinnerware.

Its simplicity makes it very flexible and easy to pair with other kitchenware that you have in your kitchen. One of which is the Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set by Gibson Home.

Gibson Home 16 Piece Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set Key Feature

Over the years, Gibson Home has continuously produced kitchenware with very impressive quality. They have high-end products which are expected to be quite pricey, but they also have dinnerware sets that are available at a very reasonable price. The Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set is one of those products and it is proof of the commitment of Gibson Home to provide quality dinnerware to their customers.

  • Dinnerware set has 16 pieces of dining tools that include plates, mugs, saucers, and bowls
  • Ideal for 4 persons
  • Plates and saucers have a unique square shape
  • Made of high-quality porcelain material
  • Safe to use in dishwasher and microwave


When it comes to producing high quality dinnerware sets, Gibson Home certainly never disappoints. The Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set, for example, shows impressive properties for a set of dining ware that is available at a very affordable price.

The entire set has sixteen pieces of dinnerware, which include square plates, saucers, bowls, and mugs – ideal for serving 4 persons. The pieces of dinnerware included in this set have a neat creamy white color that is very easy to match with the rest of your kitchenware at home.

The square design with rounded corners gives it a unique look that you’d definitely love. Its shape also makes the dishes very easy to stack and efficient in saving space in the cupboard.

Each piece of dinnerware included in this set is made from high quality porcelain material and are well-tempered, making it durable. That means it is not easily broken or chipped. It is also safe to use in the microwave and the dishwasher.

The Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set may have a rather simple design but it does make a simple dish look very elegant once placed on the dinner table.


The Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set exhibits a superb quality that is not common among dinnerware sets at this price point. You can’t see any piece that has stains or black spots from the manufacturing process. However, some customers have posted that it is a bit smaller than what they are expecting.


Dinnerware sets that are durable and well-made which are available at a surprisingly cheap price do not come very often. It can be quite easy to get ripped off for products that are sold at this price. But with the Zen Buffetware Dinnerware Set, you can guarantee that every single cent you spend for this set is well worth it.

The quality of every piece of plate and bowl included in this set is certainly more than what you can ask for. It exhibits elegance that you will definitely appreciate when you use it for any occasion. It surely is a product that you won’t be afraid to recommend to anyone.


Not a lot of people find it easy to look for the best dinnerware sets in the market. If you’re one of them, always remember to start with the best sellers, such as the Zen Buffetware Set and the Rachel Ray Cucina Stoneware set. And if you are looking for a unique dinner platedesign, you might be interested with the Zen Bufffetware’s unique square with rounded corners shape.

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