How to Select Dinnerware

How to Select Dinnerware

If you ever wonder why they are kitchenware in your house that your mom takes better care of than she does of you, well you are not alone.

Moms have this tendency to be overprotective with their dinnerware because the price of those things is certainly not a joke. You also probably wondered why even bother spending money on expensive plates and saucers that are just going to be sitting on the cupboard for most of the year anyway.

Well, whether you understand it or not, this dinnerware is your mother’s treasures; and no matter what happens there shouldn’t be so much as a tiny scratch on them or all hell will break lose.

Considering the level of security that your mother has put in place to protect her dinnerware and to make sure that they’re scratch-free, you have probably already figured that they’re really expensive – and they are. It’s not like your regular plates that are almost disposable – although you’d still probably get a lecture or two when you break one of those.

Dinnerware is made with care and excellent attention to detail. There are different materials that are used to mold them and they’re usually classified according to these:

  • Earthenware. This type of dinnerware has existed since the ancient times. It is made out of unrefined clay, is lightly fired (around 950° Celsius), and has the color of clay. It easily absorbs water if not glazed. It’s non-porous and it usually has a glass-lie surface.
  • Stoneware. It is the type of pottery that’s created using a more refined type of clay and is also fired at a higher temperature than Earthenware. It is more durable than the latter and is also chip-resistant.
  • Porcelain. It is a translucent ceramic, or is most commonly called china. It’s a lot more durable than earthenware and stoneware and is also fired at a higher temperature. Its main component is clay in the form of kaolinite.
  • Bone China. It is generally categorized with porcelain but it’s a more translucent type of ceramic. It is considered to be the most durable of all types of dinnerware as it is fired twice at a much higher temperature. It may look delicate but it is so durable most of them are actually microwave and dishwasher safe.

Things to Consider on How to Select Dinnerware


It doesn’t matter what type of material was used to create the dinnerware, the first thing that you notice about it is its style. Most of the time, people already have a style in mind when they go shopping for dinnerware. One of the requirements should be that it matches the other pieces of dinnerware so everything looks flawless and elegant.

Some people would just go for a simpler style – that way it can be easier to find matching pieces with; and it also looks neat. There are people who love to play with patterns and colors and go for a bolder dinnerware style.


Dinnerware with different properties varies in durability as well. Bone china pieces are way more durable than the earthenware ones. If you are very concerned about dinnerware breakage, you have to choose durable dinnerware which is less prone to chips and cracks.


Since each type of dinnerware has its own unique properties, the requirements for taking care of them may vary significantly. When buying dinnerware, you have to consider the care requirements as well.

As much as possible, even though you won’t buy them all at once, be consistent with the properties of dinnerware that you are going to buy. If the first ones that you bought are all microwave-safe, then the next sets of dinnerware should have the same properties.

Dinnerware is sold in a few different ways. The expensive ones are usually sold in single place settings. It means that it has everything that is needed for a person’s seat at the dinner table. Less expensive dinnerware is often sold in boxed sets. The common example is a dinnerware set with 16 or 20 pieces that serves four people.

These boxed sets include a dinner plate, soup bowl, salad plate, a saucer, and a teacup. There are good deals that you can find in the market for good quality dinnerware that’s available at a very friendly price.

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